eXact Lab offers a wide range of custom services to you. Your HPC investment with us will enhance not only performance but your overall business productivity. With our experience and background we are ready to deliver the right HPC solutions for your production environment.

Design and deployment of HPC solutions and parallel file systems

We are working closely with your team, to investigate, plan and propose action for your HPC environment. eXact lab has a clear understanding of the needs and requirements coming from heterogeneous user communities to ensure a successful HPC project.

 eXact evaluates, deploys and manages computing cluster, tuning the infrastructure to get faster application performance.

Storage is now getting more and more important in building an HPC platform nowadays. We are aware of this and we can offer our expertise to design, implement and install the right high performance and well tuned file-system for your HPC system.
Our expertise is mainly focused on Lustre Filesystem.

On-demand HPC services


When cost is a concern, on-demand HPC is the way to quickly react to the market and tackle pressing computational problems, without the burden to install anything. You can demand a bunch of nodes and run your job from everywhere. From raw ssh to highly customized web portal, we create the proper environment to comfortably run your application.

We launched the C3HPC project to provide on demand HPC services at any level

Advanced Training in HPC

A cutting-edge infrastructure needs competence to meet expectations. eXact offer a wide range of training and hands-on courses, delivered by qualified HPC experts to improve your proficiency and accelerate simulations of real world complex problems We are ready to provide customized Courses on all HPC topics . Please contact us to define contents, date, location and cost for your company or institution

Advanced services for scientific/technical application

Capitalizing our experience in scientific and technical applications we can offer a suite of advanced professional services for:

·       Application optimization - Professional assistance in optimizing codes with modern techniques and tools to fully exploit the underlying computing architecture.

·       Application parallelization - Assistance in parallelizing codes to run scale at best on multicore HPC platforms.

·       Application Porting - Professional assistance in converting codes to run on large scale HPC resources, cloud and grid infrastructures.

·       Scripting, Workflow, and Data Management - Programmers to provide aid in automating the computational pipelines .

·       Software Development - Ground up design of software to meet your scientific/technical needs, including creation of web gateways for broad access toward any kind of computational infrastructures