eXact lab Viznode available on C3HPC infrastructure

eXact lab team completed the installation of the so-called “visualization node” (VizNode) a key component of the computational ecosystem proposed by the openViewSHIP project.
The Viznode is now fully integrated with the c3hpc.com cloud infrastructure.

The VizNode provides the tool to allow a generic CFD users to execute a whole computational workflow in one single ecosystem: a remote HPC facility. The Viznode is a HW component that, directly attached to HPC systems, can access all the computational nodes and, more importantly, shares the storage infrastructure.
The Viznode then features both virtualization (on demand) and remote visualization tools which allow to integrate the typical user’s workstation tools into the remote HPC facility and make it possible for the user to visualize/interact remotely with a large amount of data stored on the HPC facility.
VizNode solves thus two important issues:
• the need to move large dataset from the remote facility to local resources
• the need to provide first class workstations (large amount of RAM, high performance GPU accelerator)
As said VizNode supports a virtualization layer so that virtual machine are made available to remote users that can install their preferred software tools on any operating system. By means of virtualization we are therefore able to provide a “virtual workstation” attached to the HPC facility.

The user should be able to start a remote virtual machine, run his preprocessing graphical tools there, submit the computing task on the HPC facility and then visualize the results without moving/installing anything on local machine. In principle all the workflow can be operated by means of a simple tablet.