eXact lab as an example of Italian dynamism

The eXact-lab speech at PraceDay15 was appreciated accordingly to insideHPC online review: in a long article about the special session of SMEin HPC arena some the eXact lab experience has been favourably reported:

"... A special session of the meeting was devoted to demonstrating how these smaller companies in the HPC ecosystem could encourage and support the wider use of high-performance computing in industry and also for some unexpected and interesting applications in the public sector.

Italian dynamism

In a hugely dynamic and enthusiastic presentation, Stefano Cozzini, CEO of eXact Lab in northern Italy, offered some ideas and practical examples of how to achieve these objectives. His company exists to ease access to high performance computing for SMEs and for the public sector as well."

The full article is available here: http://insidehpc.com/2015/07/making-hpc-simple-for-small-companies/