About Us

Founded in 2011 by leading HPC researchers and headquartered in Trieste, Italy, eXact lab is an innovative SME that provides solutions, training and on-demand services in the High Performance Computing and Data market.

We assist our clients in the research, governmental and private sectors in defining the best HPC solutions that fit clients specific HPC needs.
Our specialties cover a wide range of approaches: from procuring mission-critical HPC systems, maximizing the effectiveness of existing systems at client premises to
on demand Cloud HPC services through our own C3HPC infrastructure.



The purpose of the C3 Project is to create a powerful and efficient infrastructure for supercomputing, making it available to companies located in the industrial areas of the Co.S.IL.T. (The Consortium for Industrial Development of Tolmezzo) located in the north-east of Italy, and to anyone that can take a benefit by using the system built.

In addition to this, the idea is to allow the development of a center of expertise and knowledge on the issues of business development through the use of High Performance Computing systems, actively involving companies, industrial and academic partners.

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XeRIS, XeRiS is a Cloud platform for seismic hazard assessment recently released by eXact lab

XeRiS is addressed to engineers, urbanists, administrators, insurance companies and stake-holders who are interested in reliable territorial planning, assessment, design and construction of buildings and infrastructures in seismic areas.

XeRiS is based on the innovative neo-deterministic approach (NDSHA) developed at the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of the Trieste University. The services has been developed in strict cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of the Trieste University.

XeRiS offers advanced consulting services, ranging from the modelling of seismic input to the vibrometric analysis of buildings.

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